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Michelle Froedge

Michelle has an endless supply of energy. Maybe she was born with it…maybe it’s the crystals! Her primary business is an intuitive business coach. She has been a real estate broker/business owner since 2004 and is also a Reiki Master. She is an animal loving vegetarian and a huge Aerosmith fan. She believes that all of life works together which is why she gives so much energy to music. It has been a passion since she was a child, singing into her hairbrush in the mirror – making her family watch as she made up dances to the current Top-40 hits.

Since then, she has been in many original and cover bands, starting in Phoenix, onto Nashville, and now, in Atlanta. She enjoys recording/studio work but her true love is performing. She enjoys connecting with the crowd and getting her workout in during shows. She has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with fantastic artists, many of whom she grew up listening to on the radio. Eddie Money, Paul Rodgers, Wally Palmer, Jack Blades, Jeff Carlisi, and Peter Stroud to name a few. She has had many surreal moments during her career including singing “Almost Paradise” with, down-to-earth, Mike Reno. Michelle has been with Band X over ten years, and she is definitely a crowd favorite!!!

When asked when she was going to stop singing, her response was, “ummm, never.” So, looks like she’ll be around for a while.